Embedded Systems and Hardware

Often we have customers that have been building products using off the shelf components that contain mark-up cost. and fail to meet all the desired needs. We will work with you to first determine your needs, Offer suggestions based on work we have done in the past, and finally create something specifically for your application. This type of activity often results in higher quality products that can be manufactured at a lower cost when compare to off the shelf style manufacturing.

Monitor and Control

Need something monitored, or remote data logged? We can do that! We have experience designing rugged systems for both monitoring and control. Some applications we have worked with in the past include fuel flow monitoring equipment and sounding rocket data logging and position reporting. We can easily accommodate requirements such as military temperature grades and IP67 designs.

Real Time Reporting

Another popular application we have assisted customers with is real time reporting to a PC or database. We can have hardware interface via USB, Serial or WiFi to a network or PC. This functionality coupled with our custom software development can yield cost effective monitoring and display solutions. Some examples include interactive hardware at trade shows and machine monitoring.